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April 2017


Mentor helps Stafford business and MD to plan a healthy future

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Taking time out may seem a pipe dream for many small business owners. But working with a mentor to achieve a better work-life balance has helped Paul Walters plot a clear path to success for Stafford Industrial Supplies.

“I was running around continually fighting fires and my mentor told me I had to let go and give others space to do their jobs,” admitted Paul. “It has improved my business and improved my health.”

Paul was introduced to mentor Alan Wyatt by the Let’s Do Mentoring programme at Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce.

Founded in 1989, Stafford Industrial Supplies employs eight people from its office and warehouse on the Astonfields Industrial Estate in the County Town.

“We supply industrial safety equipment, footwear and clothing to many Midlands businesses,” said Paul.

“The company had been a success but was hit by the recession and by 2010 there was just two of us working here. “We consolidated and started to grow but it became clear that a growth plan had to be put in place.

“Working with Let’s Do Mentoring has really helped with that process. “The first thing Alan said to me was we must plan, plan and then plan some more to create a sustainable business.

“I didn’t really know what I was looking for from Let’s Do Mentoring. At first, Alan just let me talk and was a great sounding board.

“I was able to bounce ideas off him and he would come back with realistic guidance.

“He also helped me to see that I needed to stand back and take a more strategic view, allowing our staff to grow into their roles.

“I now have time to think and time to go out and market the business.”

Paul added: “2015 is proving our most successful year to date and the changes that I have made has led to a very positive team who are driving the business forward.”

Alan said: “When I met Paul, I found a well-run company with impressive products and customers.

“But, it was clear that he needed to plan a way forward and look at how the company was going to grow and where it could target new markets.

“Paul also needed to define his role and – just as importantly – make time for himself and his family alongside his business.

“He’s now more in control of his time and his business is better for that.”

SIS Ltd. ISO 9001 Announcement

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The hard work has paid off…

We’ve made it. The blood, sweat and tears have faded and dried and I’m proud to announce that Stafford Industrial Supplies Ltd has achieved the hallmark ISO 9001 in quality standards.

It wasn’t a light decision but we took it non-the-less in March 2016 to work towards achieving a set of recognised standards. The work was finally completed and awarded on 8 December 2016, providing a rather pleasant Christmas present for the team.

The international management system approves our internal documents from quotations and sales to deliveries and invoices. The quality standards now certificate all processes for goods inwards and outwards, and cover all returns and the quarantine area.

Customers and suppliers can now be presented with a certificate covering the criteria needed for a quality management system instead of visiting the premises to inspect it with their own eyes – although we will still welcome our wonderful visitors with open arms and a hot cuppa anytime.

The achievement will now allow us to tender for Local Authority contracts and large corporate assignments with more confidence, providing the opportunity to continually improve customer service and prove our dedication as a serious supplier with stringent policies in place to uphold integrity.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to our brilliant SIS team who have each added their own expert touch to the system; Andy Adams of Quality Systems Consultancy who guided us expertly through the requirements and Claire Critchley of POM Business Solutions who administered the process with a cool, calm demeanour.

Finally, thank you to our customers who have supported us over the years … you didn’t doubt us for a second!

Warm Regards
Paul Walters