34 Years Knowledge

34 Years Knowledge

For over 34 years, our family-run business, Stafford Industrial Supplies, has been a trusted name in the industry, providing top-notch services in embroidery, printing garments, personal protective equipment (PPE), and cleaning supplies. With three generations of knowledge and experience, we have become experts in our field, offering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.

What sets Stafford Industrial Supplies apart?

Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence make us stand out from the competition. With over 100 years of combined knowledge, we have honed our skills and perfected our craft. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards.

Embroidery and Printing Garments

Embroidery and printing garments are our specialties. Whether you need custom embroidered logos, monograms, or designs on clothing, hats, or bags, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our state-of-the-art equipment and attention to detail ensure that every stitch is perfect, creating a professional and polished look.

When it comes to printing garments, we offer the highly flexible heat transfer printing. Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and technologies to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints. From t-shirts and hoodies to uniforms and promotional items, we can handle any printing project with precision and care.

PPE and Cleaning Supplies

In today's world, personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies are more important than ever. As industry experts, we understand the critical role these products play in keeping people safe and healthy. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality PPE and cleaning supplies.

From face masks and gloves to sanitizers and disinfectants, our products meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. We source our materials from trusted suppliers and ensure that every product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control. When you choose our PPE and cleaning supplies, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best protection available.

ISO9001 Quality Management System

As part of our commitment to excellence, we have implemented the ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS). This internationally recognised standard ensures that we consistently meet customer requirements and deliver products and services of the highest quality.

Our ISO9001 QMS covers every aspect of our operations, from design and production to customer service and continuous improvement. By following strict guidelines and processes, we can guarantee that our customers receive reliable, efficient, and top-notch services.

When you choose our family-run business, you can trust that you are working with industry experts who are dedicated to providing the best embroidery, printing garments, PPE, and cleaning supplies. With three generations of knowledge and over 34 years of experience, we have the expertise and passion to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help you bring your vision to life.

Stafford Industrial Supplies Ltd, your one stop shop for branded uniform, PPE & Cleaning supplies. Call us on 01785 252744 or e-mail our sales department sales@staffordindustrialsupplies.co.uk 

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