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Beat The Heat. Protect Your Workforce

Beat The Heat. Protect Your Workforce

We, at Stafford Industrial Supplies Ltd, have collated everything into one place to help you ‘beat the heat’ this Summer.

From cooling PPE, to desk fans, we can sort you out with whatever you need to make this heat that little bit more manageable so you can continue to do your job at the best of your ability.

Temperatures are due to soar as high as 40°C  this week, so make sure your workforce is ready and protected.  

Cooling PPE

Portwest manufacture a fantastic range of cooling PPE.
Here are some examples:

CV11 Cooling Crown Beanie

CV07 Cooling Helmet Sweatband

CV05 Cooling Neck Scarf

CV08 Cooling Sleeves

CV09 Cooling Evaporative Vest

CV06 Cooling Towel

Sun Cream

For all of you outdoor workers, you need to remember your sun cream! Luckily, we have got 100ml tubes of Factor 30 sun cream ready and stocked on our shelves. Drop us an email to make a purchase whilst stocks last.



Are you an indoor worker? Get yourself a desk fan or a large fan for the office.

12 inch Desk Fan.


6 inch Clip-on Portable Fan.

Q-Connect 6 Inch/152mm Clip On Portable Fan White KF00401

16 inch Pedestal Fan.

Q-Connect 16 Inch/406mm Pedestal Fan White KF00404


So, beat the heat, protect your workforce, and Contact Us to make a purchase.

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