Beeswift Envirowear - Fully Recyclable Workwear

Beeswift Envirowear - Fully Recyclable Workwear

What is the Sustainability Revolution?

Stafford Industrial Supplies, in partnership with Beeswift, have entered into a ground-breaking initiative called the Sustainability Revolution. This initiative aims to revolutionise the industrial workwear industry by promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Designed to be Recycled

One of the key aspects of the Sustainability Revolution is the focus on supplying products that are easily recyclable. Stafford Industrial Supplies and Beeswift have collaborated to sell a range of products that are not only durable and high-quality but also designed with our planet in mind.

Circular Clothing: A Step Towards Sustainability

The Sustainability Revolution also includes the introduction of circular clothing. This innovative concept promotes the reuse and recycling of clothing items, reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact of the workwear industry. By adopting circular clothing practices, Stafford Industrial Supplies aims to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Tracking & Traceability: Ensuring Transparency

Another important aspect of the Sustainable Revolution is the implementation of tracking and traceability systems. This allows customers to have complete visibility into the supply chain, ensuring that the products they purchase meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethical production. 

Beeswift's Envirowear collection makes circular hi-visibility clothing achievable for the first time.

By transitioning to fully circular recyclable clothing you will be supporting:

  • Clothing as a renewable resource
  • Carbon footprint lowered by as much as 70%
  • Zero hi-visibility clothing to landfill or incineration


As part of the Sustainability Revolution, Stafford Industrial Supplies can supply the Beeswift exclusive HEX PATTERNED RETRO-REFLECTIVE TAPE. This innovative product not only enhances visibility and safety in various industries but is also designed to be recyclable, aligning with the overall sustainability goals of the initiative. The special tape bonding allows the material and garment to pass easily through the recycling machine.

Beeswift's recyclable hex patterned hivis prints

Introducing the Envirowear Range

Stafford Industrial Supplies, in collaboration with Beeswift, is proud to be able to offer the Envirowear range. This range consists of a wide variety of sustainable and eco-friendly products that are designed to meet the needs of environmentally conscious industries. This protective clothing range offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to embrace sustainability.

In conclusion, the Envirowear clothing range is a game-changer in the industrial supplies industry. By focusing on recyclability, circular clothing, tracking and traceability, and supplying innovative products like the hex patterned retro-reflective tape, we can lead the way towards a more sustainable future. With the introduction of the Envirowear range, businesses now have access to a wide range of eco-friendly products that align with their sustainability goals. Join the Sustainability Revolution and be a part of the positive change!

Envirowear tshirts hivis yellow and orange

To learn more about recyclable workwear in general, read our previous blog Recyclable Workwear.

If you are interested in Beeswift's Envirowear sustainability range and would like more information, then please contact us by clicking here or calling us on 01785 252744.

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