Let's Do Business 2023

Let's Do Business 2023

Are you ready for an exciting event that combines business, prizes, and a whole lot of fun? Look no further than the Let's Do Business Exhibition on Thursday 12th October 2023, where Stafford Industrial Supplies will be showcasing top-notch products and giving away amazing prizes. Get ready to spin the wheel and be a winner at the Uttoxeter Racecourse! 

What is the Let's Do Business Exhibition?

The Let's Do Business Exhibition by The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, is an annual event that brings together businesses from various industries to showcase their products and services. It's a fantastic opportunity for networking, discovering new business opportunities, and learning about the latest trends in the market.

Stafford Industrial Supplies: Your One-Stop Solution

At the exhibition, Stafford Industrial Supplies will be at the forefront, showcasing a wide range of industrial products. From safety equipment, embroidered garments, PPE & janitorial products, we have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. Our team of experts will be available to answer any questions and provide valuable insights into the products.

Spin the Wheel and Win Big

One of the highlights of the Let's Do Business Exhibition is the chance to win amazing prizes. Stafford Industrial Supplies has set up a thrilling spin-the-wheel game where everyone is a winner. Spin the wheel and see what prize you'll take home. It could be anything from exclusive discounts on products to free merchandise.

Uttoxeter Racecourse: The Perfect Venue

The Let's Do Business Exhibition will take place at the prestigious Uttoxeter Racecourse on the 12th October 2023. With its spacious and modern facilities, it provides the perfect backdrop for this exciting event. The racecourse's vibrant atmosphere will add an extra level of energy and excitement to the exhibition.

Join Us at the Let's Do Business Exhibition

If you're passionate about business and looking for new opportunities, the Let's Do Business Exhibition is a must-attend event. It's a chance to connect with industry leaders, discover innovative products, and win exciting prizes. Mark your calendar and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Uttoxeter Racecourse. We can't wait to see you there!

Stafford Industrial Supplies Ltd, your one stop shop for branded uniform, PPE & Cleaning supplies. Call us on 01785 252744 or e-mail our sales department sales@staffordindustrialsupplies.co.uk 

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