Here at Stafford Industrial Supplies, we are aspiring to become more sustainable. This blog will layout what we are already doing, recent changes that we have made, what our sustainability goals are for the future, and what we can offer your business to help you become more sustainable too.

What have we already implemented?

For many years now, we have ensured that we are not using any unnecessary energy, so as part of our end-of-day routine, all sockets are switched off, all lights are turned off and we even shut off the water at the weekend! In some areas of the premises that are occupied intermittently throughout the day, we have installed motion-censored lights so that the lights go off when no one is in the room.

In addition to this, we have installed extra insulation and our heating is on a timer for those cold winter months, so it only comes on when we are in the building. We regularly monitor our energy usage by checking our meters, and making use of plug-in monitors that measure how much energy certain electrical items use up. We are also very careful with our wastage with over 75% of it being recycled. To further reduce wastage, we reuse boxes and other packaging materials from stock deliveries for our own deliveries. So straight away we have halved the amount of cardboard and single-use plastic that comes through our company.

What sustainable changes have we made recently?

As part of our ongoing sustainability journey, some recent changes have also been made. We have reduced the number of delivery vehicles right down to one van and increased the use of couriers. Although we thought having one van would come with its challenges, we haven't missed having more than one vehicle one bit. Our one van makes us more sustainable and more careful thinkers about where we are delivering each day. We now plan our delivery routes by area rather than delivering anywhere and everywhere. By closely assessing the deliveries that are ready to go, we are able to plan a far more economical route.



Furthermore, we have staff from Stafford, Penkridge and Cannock. All of our staff from Stafford walk to and from work every day, and those from Cannock and Penkridge make the effort to car-share the journey to and from work to reduce pollution, create extra parking spaces for visitors at our premises, and currently to help save their own money on fuel!

Our goals for 2030.

As we have implemented so much already we have three very simple goals left to achieve:

  1. Install more LED motion-censored lighting.
  2. Replace our current Diesel Van with an Electric Van.
  3. To explore reducing the amount of single-use plastic.

And we are on an upwards trajectory to be able to achieve these goals by 2030.

What can we offer you to help your business be more sustainable?

This is the exciting part for any business reading this blog! We have SO MANY products to offer that will help you/your business become more sustainable. Check out the following!


The recycled clothing industry has boomed into business just within the last couple of years, and more companies than ever are buying recycled clothing. No, these aren't clothes that have be worn before. They are actually made from recycled plastic bottles. Result Genuine Recycled have created a fantastic video showing you how this manufacturing process works. Watch this HERE.

So, what's available? Jackets, fleeces, softshells, hoodies, polos, sweatshirts, gilets, caps, woolly hats, trousers, trainers, tote bags, and aprons. Also hi-vis clothing - jackets, trousers, fleeces, sweatshirts, t-shirts and waistcoats. Need we go on?

With such a fantastic range of clothing, your entire team can be kitted out, head to toe. Based on one of each basic item (hat, t-shirt, poloshirt, softshell jacket, hi-vis waistcoat, trousers and trainers), this would recycle over 70 plastic bottles for just one person! It's a no-brainer really.


Whether you use disposable or reusable gloves, you can still choose sustainability.

The Globus Group have manufactured a biodegradable disposable glove made from powder-free nitrile and Eco Best Technology®. Eco Best Technology® - composed of organic material that accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfills.
Download a datasheet HERE to read the features, benefits, and specification of these fantastic gloves.

6110 biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves

Reusable gloves for general handling come in the form of UCI's EnviroFlex gloves. This glove is revolutionary in its field. Made from recycled plastic bottles saved from landfill. One 500ml plastic bottle is used for every pair of gloves that are manufactured. The manufacturing process to make these is more sustainable too! Less water, CO2, and energy goes into making these, reducing the carbon footprint. These gloves are comfortable, breathable, extremely dextrous, and provide grip in general handling.


What industries are using these already?

  • Painting & decorating
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Plumbing
  • Railways
  • Highways
  • Oil & Gas

We've made a short video about these gloves, going into a little more detail about why they are a far more sustainable choice.
Watch here > Enviroflex safety Gloves - YouTube




Everyone knows that cleaning products are not good for the ozone layer, the ocean wildlife, and the whole environment, and that is why hygiene experts are manufacturing more sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural ranges of cleaning products.

The easiest place to start, when becoming more sustainable is with your cleaning products, and we have the perfect range to cover everything you need.

Jangro's nrtl range of cleaning products is made of natural ingredients that will not harm the environment. Made to be eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, environmentally safe and vegan friendly. The packaging is recycled & recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Made in the UK and uses 85% less CO2 emissions.

The ntrl range not only minimises our impact on the environment but also provides a deeper cleaning action:

  • Reaching areas traditional methods can't
  • No damage or dulling of surfaces
  • Neutralising odours at source
  • A highly-effective non-toxic solution
  • Perfect for a variety of environments
  • Innovative, vegan formulations
  • Probiotics - beneficial bacteria that colonise surfaces reducing the presence of harmful bacteria on surfaces, and working long after the initial clean (washroom cleaner and multi-surface cleaner only)

What's in this range?

There are 13 products in this range that can replace every chemical and soap you are currently using within your business. These are:

  • 1 litre probiotic washroom cleaner
  • 750ml & 1 litre foaming washroom & toilet cleaner
  • 1 litre daily toilet cleaner
  • 1 litre organic descaler
  • 500ml & 5 litre luxury foaming hand wash
  • 1 litre unfragranced surface sanitiser
  • 500ml & 5 litre foaming hand sanitiser
  • 1 litre probiotic multi-surface cleaner
  • 750ml & 5 litre all surface cleaner
  • 1 litre fragranced surface sanitiser
  • 1 litre cleaner & descaler
  • 750ml unfragranced kitchen sanitiser
  • 1 litre & 5 litre washing up liquid

Ntrl cleaning product brochure

What are you waiting for?

Let us help you on your sustainability journey. Start by telling us your needs, and we'll take it from there. Contact Us!

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