Stafford Industrial Supplies You Tube Channel

Stafford Industrial Supplies You Tube Channel

Stafford Industrial Supplies YouTube Channel

So we have a YouTube Channel, but is it achieving the results we want?

It all started because we were told for better SEO (search engine optimisation) we should add videos to our website products. We purchased all the equipment, made a studio, got some training and went about making videos. We decided to use YouTube as the platform to upload our videos and use the links for our website, (there are other video platform sites out there). The process of setting up the channel was straight forward and simple, even as a 50 odd year old I could navigate the set up quite easily. 

Most of our videos are showcasing our products but some are for information purposes, such as our holiday shutdown or promoting our staff. YouTube also gives us extra exposure on its own platform but we have yet to score a viral video. Our first video is a bit plain and shaky Arafura Safety Glasses - YouTube but you have start somewhere. A Google search for Arafura glasses is very positive for us, without any paid advertising we are top of the first page, but click the icon for videos and we are nowhere to be seen! Do you have a similar journey with YouTube, if so, comment below. As we progress, we are gaining more confidence and adding better background props. We are still learning but enjoying the journey.

We have found by attaching a link from YouTube to newsletters, Facebook posts, Linked-In and e-mails we can send videos to our customers with personalised messages. With digital media being the on trend communication tool we believe this is definitely the way we should be heading. 

Are we achieving the results; well yes is the simplest answer but we have more work to do. If you have any suggestions as to what videos you would like to see from us comment below.

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